We make test data


Have you built this big software system and worry if you have tested it enough? InputLab has you covered. We create test data for thousands of data formats as complex as electronic invoices. Our test data covers the entire input space: Normal, extreme, and out-of-bound values, and even attack vectors. Thanks to this diversity, our inputs uncover bugs in parsing and processing fast.

InputLab is a spin-off in formation of the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security. We are looking for team members as well as collaboration partners and early adopters from industry and public service. Reach out if this is you!


Schema-Based XML Testing

Test your XML-based software like never before.

Let’s face it: One never tests enough. Our unique patent-pending technology lets us quickly produce large amounts of XML inputs with little manual work. All we need is an XML schema. For our test data, you can choose between one-size-fits-all, ensuring industry-leading test diversity, and made-to-measure, in which we craft test cases to your liking – often within a single business day.


Security Testing

Find vulnerabilities before the attacker.

Our test cases include common attacks, such as SQL or JavaScript injection, distributed across all input fields. If things go well, your software should reject these. But did things go well? We are currently developing bug detectors to check your systems for traces of our attack test data.


Flexibility & Confidentiality

Perfect integration, perfect confidentiality.

Our test cases come as data input files, which are easy to integrate into any system test. Your code and your data stay perfectly confidential and never leave your house. In addition, we are working on tools making the integration process seem like a breeze.


Scientific Excellence

World leaders in test input generation.

InputLab is a spin-off of CISPA, the world’s leading research center in software security. Our testing and test generation techniques build on decades of high-end research and expertise in software testing, symbolic reasoning, and artificial intelligence.

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Coming soon: Open-source tools for perfect integration.

We are developing tools to make integrating our test cases into your system tests work like a charm: All our test cases will soon come with bug detectors that you can run after testing, checking your files and database contents for traces of attack test data making it into your system. Furthermore, we are considering developing tools to record and replay GUI interactions so you can easily automate the processing of our test inputs. The best is: These complimentary tools will be open source. You can inspect them anytime!

So do you know how well your software is tested?

Let’s find out! We are currently looking out for collaboration partners and early adopters from industry and public service.

Write us at info@inputlab.net or use our contact form.

Don’t delay – test today!